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Retired NASCAR Winston Cup Series driver from 1979 to 1992


Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, FL

Balough led one lap out of 4033 – the equivalent of 5,668.9 miles or 9,123.2 kilometres.
The one lap that he led was at the 1981 Talladega 500 where he came from 41st to 1st, only to suffer a blown engine. In addition to his many short track wins Balough also won the 1981 Miller High Life 300 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Dale Earnhardt came in a close second. Bob Rahilly of RahMoc Racing built the engines for both of these races.
He started an average of 21st place and finished an average of 25th. Balough’s only DNQ was at the 1991 Daytona 500.  Robert Yates created the motors that helped Balough become “on top of his game.”
After quite some time away from the sport, his next race was a 200-lap “All-Pro” race in Summerville, South Carolina where he earned the pole position and won the race.  Gary Balough has won more than 1000 races throughout his career and has accumulated more than 20 wins in the All Pro division.


  • 1968 Florida’s Governor’s Cup 200 Winner
  • 1976 Syracuse 200 Winner
  • 1977 Syracuse 200 Winner
  • 1978 Syracuse 200 Winner
  • 1981 Miller High Life 300 Winner
  • 1980 Snowball Derby Winner
  • 1980 Syracuse 200 Winner
  • 1984 All American 400 Winner
  • 1984 World Crown 300 Winner
  • 1986 All American 400 Winner
  • 1986 All Pro Champion
  • 1986 Snowball Derby Winner